Latest Results
Date Event Position Category Time Status
6th Apr 2015Easter Bunny 10k 2015239 Female V3500:51:55.00RES
17th Aug 2014Weymouth Classic 2014115 M50-5403:25:31.00RES
13th Jul 2014GU Energy Weymouth Bay Classic 201433 M50-5902:57:56.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014452 FV3501:09:56.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014451 FV4501:09:23.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014443 FV3501:07:32.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014413 FV4501:02:36.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014409 FV4501:01:58.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014380 MV5000:59:35.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014357 FV3500:58:03.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014284 Female Senior00:53:07.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014278 MV5000:52:44.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014268 FV3500:52:12.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014222 FV3500:49:41.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014171 MV4000:47:07.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 2014161 FV4500:46:49.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 201498 MV5000:43:47.00RES
7th Jul 2014Frampton 10K 201435 Female Senior00:39:15.00RES
22nd Jun 2014Chew Valley 10k - 2014182 MV4000:52:55.00RES
22nd Jun 2014Chew Valley 10k - 2014130 Male 20-3900:50:29.00RES
22nd Jun 2014Chew Valley 10k - 2014122 Male 20-3900:49:49.00RES
21st Jun 2014Race to the Bill Classic 201474 M50-5403:07:52.00RES
21st Jun 2014Race to the Bill Classic 201443 M50-5402:43:17.00RES
1st Jun 2014Taunton Triathlon 201435 M40-4901:26:40.00RES
1st Jun 2014Taunton Triathlon 201416 M18-2901:20:32.00RES
1st Jun 2014Taunton Triathlon 2014155 M30-3901:53:50.00RES
1st Jun 2014Taunton Triathlon 2014160 F40-4901:58:20.00RES
1st Jun 2014Taunton Triathlon 201466 M40-4901:32:53.00RES
1st Jun 2014Taunton Triathlon 2014101 F30-3901:38:50.00RES
1st Jun 2014Taunton Triathlon 201479 M40-4901:35:29.00RES
18th May 2014The Immortal Triathlon 201496 M40-4907:02:25.00RES
18th May 2014The Immortal Triathlon 201493 M18-2906:52:01.00RES
18th May 2014The Immortal Triathlon 201480 M50-5906:30:54.00RES
18th May 2014The Immortal Triathlon 201428 M50-5905:40:30.00RES
18th May 2014Stourhead Mega Sprint Triathlon 201448 M40-4902:15:42.00RES
11th May 2014The Bideford 10k 2014541 Female Senior01:06:25.00RES
27th Apr 2014Pensford 10k 2014233 Senior Female01:17:34.00RES
27th Apr 2014Pensford 10k 2014234 MV6001:17:34.00RES
27th Apr 2014Pensford 10k 2014226 MV4001:09:21.00RES
27th Apr 2014Pensford 10k 2014169 FV4000:57:39.00RES
27th Apr 2014Corsham 10K - 2014956 Female Open (18 to 34 years)01:11:07.00RES
27th Apr 2014Corsham 10K - 2014945 Female Junior (up to 17 years)01:10:15.00RES
27th Apr 2014Corsham 10K - 2014676 Male Vet (40 to 49 years)00:58:19.00RES
27th Apr 2014Corsham 10K - 2014631 Male Super Vet (50+ years)00:57:08.00RES
27th Apr 2014Corsham 10K - 2014597 Female Super Vet (45+ years)00:56:19.00RES
27th Apr 2014Corsham 10K - 2014593 Female Vet (35 to 44 years)00:56:07.00RES
27th Apr 2014Corsham 10K - 2014372 Male Open (18 to 39 years)00:50:20.00RES
27th Apr 2014Corsham 10K - 2014327 Male Super Vet (50+ years)00:49:07.00RES
27th Apr 2014Corsham 10K - 2014252 Male Super Vet (50+ years)00:47:05.00RES
27th Apr 2014Corsham 10K - 2014167 Male Open (18 to 39 years)00:44:15.00RES