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Online Club Management

Our comprehensive yet simple club management system allows you to manage all your club admin from one platform. Communicate with club members, collect payments, set up activities and fixtures. No more trips to the bank to deposit money or losing track on who has paid. Keeping on track of all your income and expenditure has never been easier. It will become one of those technical tools you will wonder how you ever managed without.

We have built a solution that meets the needs of both club and event organisers, removing the most stressful and time consuming tasks so they can focus on the enjoyable ones. In addition to meeting the needs of the organiser we have created a platform for members and participants to share their experiences.

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5 Reasons to use Full On Sport

  • Collection and depositing of membership / event fees is simple and robust.
  • Improved process of setting up club activities and promoting these to the club
  • Easily manage and share membership information within the committee
  • Simplify the administrative tasks associated with managing a club
  • Access to 100% of the club members through a single social platform.
online club management

Core Features

  • Create an individual club profile page
  • Easily set up multiple entries for groups
  • Fully responsive layout for use on al devices
  • Assign permission roles and access levels
  • Manage all club and event admin under one platform
  • Create and customise your membership questions
  • Set up compulsory questions for new members
  • Send customised payment notification emails
  • Instant notification by email of new members
  • Add and edit member information
  • View specific member information using custom filters
  • Ability to save filters e.g. by age or location
  • Use filtered data in emails, invites and reports

Manage Your Money

Keeping track on club finances has never been easier with our dashboard. Our system allows you to manually add external income and expenditure not processed through Full On Sport. The dashboard will provide you with a full financial summary including total club sales and Full On Sports transaction fees.

  • View financial summary information
  • The dashboard includes annual financial reporting
  • Expenditure Capture
  • Income Capture

Social Features

  • Communicate with all club members, anywhere, anytime
  • Share news and events on popular social media platforms
  • Send private messages to club members/teams
  • Send public messages to the club
  • Email participants from the system
  • Upload images to news feed

Processing Payments

  • Receive payments for memberships, merchandise, activities and fixtures
  • Set up payment plans and subscriptions, enabling members to pay in instalments
  • Set up one off transaction fees


Selling merchandise via our system could save you thousands on website development and merchant fees, we only charge 4.9%+20p and VAT per transaction. Not only does it look good it’s just another task that can be managed under one platform.

Training & Fixtures

  • Create fixtures for training and competition
  • Invite members to fixtures and activities
  • Request attendance notifications
  • Check member availability for events
  • Team selection for events/meets
  • Add new members to your club
  • Assign members to teams
  • Team Selection/Fixture Planning
  • Team sheet/itinerary distribution to club members
  • Create a full match report and share with members

Full On Sport Costs

  • Our charge is 4.9%+20p and VAT per entry
  • There are no set up costs, just a percentage taken per transaction when members pay for items
  • There are no additional costs, the charge for processing merchandise payments and charity donations are the same 4.9%+20p and VAT
  • We don’t charge extra for credit card transactions
  • All functionality on the site is free until members pay for items
    (Please note a fully managed service or bespoke services will incur an added cost)

Full On Sport Security

  • Our system is secured and encrypted using SSL (HTTPS) technology to ensure data security
  • We take Data Protection very seriously, we are PCI compliant with regular security checks performed by Trustwave
  • We do not share any information with 3rd parties
  • We actively monitor our systems and have measures in place to block potential attacks and suspicious activity
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