The experienced team at Immortal Sport, have a mission to create tough events, in beautiful locations around the south west. You may be an accomplished performer, challenging for prizes. You may have taken to sport recently and are looking to enjoy the finish line feeling of immense pride and satisfaction. STUNNING To become ‘Immortal’ is clearly not going to be easy, and to fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail. We strongly recommend you embark on structured training to meet the demands that the event will place you under. Every triathlon hosted by Immortal Sports has to be tough enough to be considered worthy of the Immortal brand. TRIATHLONS To be an Immortal Athlete, you will certainly need to train hard and race hard. With Sprint and Half races well established. We are delighted to continue our Full Distance race for 2016. There is now an Immortal Triathlon for all racing appetites. We look forward to greeting you at the finish funnel, as you become ‘Immortal’.

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