Series Profile

Wyvern Series Full 2018

The Crafty Fox is part of the Wyvern Series

Wyvern series is a mix of marathons and halfs or if you fancy mix it up.

The bestest off road routes Wessex has to offer.
Marathon and half marathon race series
Invader races 28/29 July
Crafty Fox races 8/9 september
Chase Races 13/14 October
But there will be winners prizes for the series so you will have to do all halfs or all marathons not a mix, if you are in it to win it as it were
We are also doing club prizes for first running club or group in half and marathon series.
Prizes will be won on Running club position not the individual runners so its all about the team and not the one person as it were
You can enter the series here if doing the same distances but if you want to mix it up you can still complete the series but will need to enter separately. If you are in the Chase and or Invader already just sign up for Crafty Fox race and you will be automatically be entered into series

Series fees