Welcome to Trak, the real-time tracking app for athletes, spectators and race organisers

Trak is a sports tracking App that unlike current apps on the market is not solely tracking the individual's personal performance. Trak has been specifically developed for sports events to enhance the participant, spectator and event organisers experience.

Any member logging in to the App can monitor all event athlete's location and progress. Trak is also built for spectator enjoyment, the supporter can track athletes progress on the course and estimate the time of their arrival to be sure not to miss them cross the finish line. A competitor can monitor their own progress within the event but also their peers.

Trak is part of the Full On Sport system and if you already have an account then you can use that. If not, click the Register button.

When you're logged in all you have to do is click GO! You can then start to build up your trak's and check your summary. If you are part of an event or you have a friendship with someone then they can start spectating your progress.

Why live tracking? Your friends might want to know where you are during a race so they can provide you with that much needed support. An organiser may want to ensure that they know where you are so they can provide responders with information.

Once you have clicked Go! you will see your live Trak map. This will show you where you are.

Who's live? When you're logged in you can click the Live tab. The list will show you if any of your Full On Sport Trak friends are live.

Click on one of the live users and you can see their progress.

What happens if I am not friends with anybody on the Full On Sport Trak system? That's easy, go to the Live page and click the small Add Friend icon at the top of the page. From here you can add friends or accept requests from others.

Spectate a live Trak of one of your friends! send them some encouragment with the Text to Voice function. Enter a message of support and it will be read out on the phone.

Battery Saver mode and Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

Trak allows you to set the device in low power mode. Instead of transmitting your position every second, your information is relayed every 5 seconds.

Trak also allows you to connect a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. No need to go out and buy an expensive smart watch! Heart rate monitors can be bought from most electrical retailers for as low as £10.

Available on Google Play and Apple Store for download