Full Race Results

Position Race No Firstname Lastname Club Club Pos Category Cat Pos Vets Club Championship Vets Club Championship PosSenior Club Championship Senior Club Championship Pos Time Chip Time Status
232437RolloMcGrathBude Rats1V55 Male6Bude Rats (Run and Tri)9301:21:5301:21:21RES
243672RobertWebberBude Rats (Run and Tri)1V55 Male8Bude Rats (Run and Tri)9801:22:3901:21:56RES
25784KarenBoltBude Rats (Run and Tri)2V50 Female7Bude Rats (Run and Tri)10701:23:2701:22:44RES
347670JackieWebberBude Rats (Run and Tri)3V55 Female3Bude Rats (Run and Tri)14301:29:2001:28:39RES
365354SarahJonesBude Rats (Run and Tri)4V45 Female12Bude Rats (Run and Tri)14801:30:2401:29:36RES
383622MichelleTeagueBude RATs ( Run and Tri Club)1V45 Female15Bude Rats (Run and Tri)15701:31:1501:30:28RES
490664JaneWardlawBude RATs ( Run and Tri Club)2V50 Female28Bude Rats (Run and Tri)20001:38:0101:37:15RES
514777RachelPennBude RATs ( Run and Tri Club)3V40 Female43Bude Rats (Run and Tri)20901:39:4501:38:58RES
562707RowenaWilsonBude Rats (Run and Tri)5V50 Female34Bude Rats (Run and Tri)23801:42:4901:42:09RES
681781KonstantinaSamaraBude Rats (Run and Tri)6V40 Female75Bude Rats (Run and Tri)28801:58:4401:57:58RES
682430MariaMartinBude Rats (Run and Tri)7V45 Female53Bude Rats (Run and Tri)28901:59:0101:58:14RES